Partner Program

Partner Programme


My partner programme is designed to help you confidently refer work to me. I've purposefully called it a partner programme because that more accurately reflects the kind of relationship I want with you. I need you to be assured that you can pass a potential client on to me in the knowledge that I will deal with them in a professional, reliable and friendly manner. Likewise, I need to know that I am working with partners who have the client's best interests at heart when referring them to me.

Who are you?

Preferably you are someone who is already known to me and vice versa. We may have previously had a discussion about the partner programme and you’re reading this page because I’ve directed you to it.

You are happy to vouch for the quality and reliability of my work. It may be that you are an existing client or that you have seen my work, or maybe heard me talk on the subject of presentations.

I’m not averse to partnering with someone I don’t yet know but I would need to be fully assured that you meet the criteria before going ahead.

Who to refer

My business covers four areas

  • Slide presentation design
  • Slide presentation training
  • Slide presentation workshops
  • Talks on presenting

So, it’s simply anyone who you feel could benefit from any of those services.  If they’ve already approached you asking for such a service, then so much the better.

If you see someone whose slide presentation could be made more effective (putting it politely!) then again, why not refer them to me and suggest I help with their next project.

What size business?

I am happy to work with businesses of any size, from one-person outfits to corporates. It is sometimes the case that one-person businesses find their budgets are stretched on the slide presentation design service. As a partner, I would be happy to discuss with you my typical prices so that you can qualify any leads before referring them on to me. Alternatively, I would be happy to qualify leads.

How to refer

The simplest way is word of mouth. As a partner you will have my full contact details.

You can give the client my contact details or you can ask them if it is acceptable to them if I contact them directly. I won’t make contact with anybody with their and your prior permission.

I am also happy to supply a box of my business cards if you'd like them.

To help the client with the decision-making process, here are a few useful links:

The nuts and bolts

Commission will be paid to partners on a monthly basis.

For each month...

  • 10% commission will be paid on the first £1,000 billed
  • 7½% commission will be paid on the next £1,000 billed
  • 5% commission will be paid on any amounts over £2,000 billed


Sales invoiced to client of £3,700 in a particular month.

10% on first £1,000 = £100
7½% on next £1,000 = £75
5% on final £1,700 = £85

Total commission payable in month = £260

A little bit of small print

Commission will be paid monthly. The commission amounts to be invoiced by you to me will be emailed to you near the beginning of the following month in which the work was invoiced.

Commission invoices will only be paid electronically. Therefore, all commission invoices must include your bank account details so that payments can be made.

Commission invoices will be paid only after the client has paid my invoices to which the commission applies.

Amounts subject to commission will exclude any extraordinary cost of sales (e.g. hardware sales, printing etc.)

How to join

If we’ve not spoken before then pop over to the contact page and drop me a line with details of why you’d like to join my partner programme.

The chances are you’re here because we’ve already had a discussion. If you’re happy with what you’ve read, let me know and we can get the ball rolling.