PSA London June 2019

PSA London - June 2019 event

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Profile: David Henson

Below is my profile written in the third person. I have also include some useful links to more information.

Trained in photography, photographic processing and audio-visual production, David Henson set up The Regent Slide Company in 1986 and spent 13 years producing and imaging thousands of 35mm slides for many and varied businesses. But it wasn’t until he joined Toastmasters in 2011 and the Professional Speaking Association in 2016 that he realised that even good speakers produce bad slides. And now he’s on a crusade to eradicate excruciatingly boring slide presentations and to teach people how to produce slides that wow their audience and that make their talks memorable and effective.

He does this in a number of ways:


You might also be interested in seeing what my clients say about me on my testimonials page: www.theslidepresentationman.co.uk/testimonials


These are my headshots.

To download high-resolution versions, please go to


Other information

Type of booking you are interested in

CEO workshops

Synopsis of presentation and why you should be selected

In my presentation in June I am going to give the audience the biggest tip from both my talk and from the workshops I run. It’s the section entitled ‘If your slides work as handouts, they don’t work as slides.’

The 8-minute talk will be given with the help of Bad Dave on screen. He’ll be giving a quick introduction and helping to present a slide in his inimitable style.

I will then present a much better slides sequence, but one that only works as slides for the duration of the presentation. I’ll explain how slides and handouts should be produced separately for their separate purposes.

The reason I would like to be selected to speak is that I have a message not only for the speakers in the room but also for anyone running a business and who has to present. It seems to me that in an otherwise professionally-run organisation, the only area they feel they don’t have to be professional is when presenting with slides. It’s only when they see a properly-produced slide deck they realise the probable damage their DIY presentations have inflicted on the business over the years.

The main points the audience will get from your presentation

From this part of my talk or workshop, it’s the one thing that helps to switch on a lightbulb in people’s heads. They’ll understand the difference between how to use slides and how to use handouts and the implementation of this will make a fundamental difference to their presentations.

A brief outline on how to expand the presentation into a full day workshop

Rather than trying to cover lots of things in 8 minutes I decided to take one small but very important part of my full-day workshop to present in June. This section actually comes later in the workshop.

The workshop itself is fun and very interactive and covers many aspects of how to produce an effective and engaging presentation.

It includes the story model, a spot-the-mistakes contest, coloured pencils, animations, creative data slides and an extended section all about the use of images. As well as time to work on your own presentation.

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