Here are some presentations I've produced that I think are good examples of the slide presenter's craft.

Covid briefing slide

The Government Briefing slide - version 2

I got a lot of great feedback on my transformation of the government Covid briefing slide - see the presentation below. However, what I produced was still a graph. Do you think it would be better to appeal to people's emotions? Here's a short sequel to the previous presentation showing how this could be done.

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Government Covid briefing slide

The Government Briefing slide

This is the story of one of the slides used by the government in their briefing at the end of October 2020 to justify the new lockdown. The presentation of the information had the potential to save lives and would influence whether people were inclined to stay in or disobey the rules. Do you think they did a good job? I highlight the mistakes that I think they made and produce what I hope is a better version.

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Payment process slide

Payment process slide

Explaining a complex process of any kind is going to be difficult without some form of visual backup. This slide helps to break down each part of the process as the speaker is describing it.

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Football transfer fees slide

Football transfer fees

Hitting the audience with a bunch of figures is all well and good but the comparison you are trying to make is not going to be clear in their mind if they are just hearing you talk. This sequence of slides clearly illustrates the changes in the amounts over the decades and helps to clarify what the presenter is saying.

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Tennis prize money slide

Five creative data charts

Here are five slides that show how data can be presented creatively. The charts also use effective animation to build up as the speaker is talking.

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Colour - don't take it for granted!

Color Doesn't Exist

This presentation ticks all the boxes as far as simplicity is concerned. There's no superfluous elements on the slides. The only things that appear on the slides are things that are related to getting the message across.

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Guinness presentation

The Pint of Guinness

A small part of a speech given by Phillip Khan-Panni for which I produced the slides. Like this one, all the slides in the presentation were kept as simple as possible and supported Phillip in reinforcing his message.

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Electricity generation slide

Example of using an animated GIF on a slide

The GIF file format supports crude animation which can be employed to good effect when illustrating a process, an example of which is shown in the video below.

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