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This is Lucia's response to my video report service...

"Hey Dave. Just had the first full run through and it was like watching a magician do his work behind the scenes. It's just brilliant to see the difference that your knowledge and eye can make to some fairly average slides - that still took this mere human many, many hours to create! I was a little nervous about my first paid presentation, but I am far less nervous now knowing that my presentation will look the part.

This is a fantastic service Dave. It's been a really really valuable service for someone like me who likes to be hands on and someone who needs to be hands on (financially speaking🙄) at the moment."

Lucia Knight, Midlife Unstuck

Deborah Henley is a fan of both my slide design service and my slide presentation workshop. Here are a couple of clips of her feedback.
Deborah Henley

Deborah Henley

A video testimonial given by Barnaby following work I did on transforming an investor presentation.
Barnaby Wynter, Communications Director, Lara Group plc

Barnaby Wynter, Communications Director, Lara Group plc

A video testimonial given by Michelle following the slides I created for her excellent speech at PSA's Inspire 2017
Michelle Mills-Porter FPSA, Ensize UK

Michelle Mills-Porter

Dave is a real expert in his field and his book ‘Your Slides Suck!’ is a testament to this. Whether you read his book or use his slide production services, you can be sure your slides will shine.
Lee Jackson, Authentic Motivational Speaker, Presentation Coach and Past President of the Professional Speaking Association

Lee Jackson

Dave scores top marks for service: totally reliable and 110% committed to getting the job done. We’ve worked with Dave and his team for over 10 years and he is our most trusted supplier.
Julie Flexen, Managing Director Munro & Forster Communications

Julie Flexen, Munro & Forster

Dave's slides were exactly right for my presentation and added a useful dimension, especially with the animated Guinness pint. He understood my purposes and was unfailingly helpful. I recommend him highly.
Phillip Khan-Panni FPSA, CEO PKP Communicators & Co-Founder of the Professional Speaking Association

Phillip Khan-Panni

Dave has years of experience in producing slides that communicate simply, clearly and attractively. If you give presentations and use slides, you NEED to take his advice on board.
Jackie Barrie, Copywriter, Trainer, Speaker and Author

Jackie Barrie

Ten minutes with Dave would help everyone build better presentations. This is very different to anything else I’ve heard.
Amanda Sokell, Speaker, NED, Chief Energiser, Pipetio

Amanda Sokell

Dave is a very entertaining speaker who clearly knows his stuff. He will definitely leave your audience with a lot of tips on how to make their slide presentations better.
Mel Loizou, Director, Fish Climb Tress

Mel Loizou

Dave really understands how slides work and perhaps more importantly, how they don't work!
Ges Ray, Speaking Coach

Ges Ray

A must for any corporate presenter who uses jargon and too much text.
Gerry Brown, Chief Customer Rescue Officer, The Customer Lifeguard

Gerry Brown

A fabulous, informative and friendly speaker. Instantly likeable and engaging with a good and appropriate use of humour to underpin his points.
Gayle Wallace, Participatory Budgeting Project Lead Consultant at Haringey Council

Gayle Wallace

Dave obviously knows his craft and he makes it easily accessible.
Benn Abdy-Collins, Medical Herbalist, Mentor & Coach, Speaker and Writer

Benn Abdy-Collins

Dave is an entertaining speaker with good, clear content which is easy to follow.
Fiona Cooper, Coach

Fiona Cooper